Bicycle Lawyers and The Accident Report Card

If you’ve stopped into the shop recently, you may have seen the Bicyclist’s Accident Report cards. The cards are a clever idea from Josh Zisson, a bicycle lawyer from Boston, MA.

They were designed with New York City in mind. On the back are illustrated versions of the laws that apply to bicyclists, as well as the section numbers for each one. On the inside are instructions for what information to take down if you are in an accident, and space to write it. Grab one for you wallet and let’s hope you never have to use it!

If you are in NYC and looking for local council, we have our own bicycle lawyers as well. Should you need some advice, check out Adam White who specializes in protecting the rights of injured bicyclists. He has been an avid cyclist and advocate for over twenty-five years and regularly commutes to work by bicycle.

Steve Vaccaro from Rankin & Taylor has also been making waves with the recent case of Mathieu Lefevre, the NYPD and has been fighting for cyclist rights.


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