Charlie’s Christmas List

charliebikeSometimes owning a bike store is like being a kid in a candy store – there’s so much cool stuff around me all the time!

I’m mainly an urban rider. I commute to all of the shops from my home in Brooklyn, and I ride the Westside Highway to get uptown.

There are a few key accessories that I never leave home without. They keep me safer, more comfortable, and worry-free. Here are some of my favorites – things I ride with and a few things that I wish I rode with:




RL Cage – my favorite cage. Lightweight, comes in every color, and it holds bottles extra tight.

Chamois Butt’r – a must for long distance riders. If you’ve never tried chamois cream on your shorts before, pick up a single serving packet and give it a try!

Knog Oi Bell – its sleek design helps it blend right in to my handlebars. The ringer is loud, the install is easy, and it’s not bulky.

Specialized Air Tool Mini Pump with CO2 – just in case I get a flat on my commute. This pump has CO2 for a quick fix, and a pump to top off your tires.

Kryptonite 1090 Evolution Series 4 Chain Lock (3′) – my favorite lock for the city. It fits easily around any size/shape bike rack, and it’s super strong.


Specialized Prevail Helmet – my go-to helmet for years. Whenever one expires, I just keep buying new ones. The new design is even lighter and more ventilated than the last.

Crank Brothers M10 Multi-tool – has everything I need on the road. It has every size wrench and two screwdrivers, and it comes in seven colors!

Wahoo Kickr with Zwift – for when it’s too cold to ride outside. We have one of these set up in the Prospect Heights shop, and it’s a lot of fun! Stop by some time and see what it’s like to take a virtual training ride.

Balaclava – my savior on sub-freezing days. Having a balaclava keeps my ears, head, and cheeks warm and protected from the wind.


Trek Super Commuter – a bit of a stretch for a Christmas list, but this is my dream bike. I already ride a pedal assist bike around the city, and it helps me (and my arthritic knees) ride longer and more comfortably. It neutralizes the hills, so going from Brooklyn to Manhattan is not only possible, but also fun and freeing. I don’t really need a new bike right now, but hey, it’s always nice to dream.


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