The Re-Paving of Prospect Park

This weekend, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a press release from the Department of Transportation announcing:


Back in December, local shops, teams, clubs, and activists teamed up to send a letter to the Prospect Park Alliance and DOT, asking them to make the park safer by repaving the pothole-ridden West Drive. Now, for the first time in twelve years, the west side of the park is being repaved.

Construction began on Monday, and sections of the West Drive will be closed for the next two weeks. The tentative end date for construction is Friday, April 8th – work is weather permitting, so check the project’s status before you head out for laps. The DOT knows how important the park is for local cyclists, so they’re hoping to be done with construction as quickly as possible.

We’re looking forward to a smooth road with fresh new paint to mark the bike and pedestrian lanes. Whether you race, run, ride, or relax in Prospect Park, two weeks of detours is a fine trade for a smoother, safer roadway. Maybe the closure will encourage Brooklyn commuters to try a new route to work (or even to venture up to Central Park occasionally for laps!).

Charlie is quoted in the press release celebrating the news:

I ride through the Park every day. It is the best part of my daily commute! The touch-up paving a few months was greatly appreciated; a repave will make it awesome. There are too many cracks and fissures keeping riders focused on the road, this will make a better ride and will make the park much safer for all users.



For the duration of the project, you’ll see signage at park entrances with closure details. The work will be done in sections, so not all of the West Drive will be closed at once. You can stay up to date on the project by checking the DOT’s website or following them on social media. Once the road is done, let us know what you think of it. And be sure to wave when you see Charlie on his way to work!

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