Jim’s favorite bike: Trek Émonda

Even though it might not seem like it thanks to this week’s awful weather, spring and summer are (eventually) coming, and that means one thing:



And with road bike weather comes the inevitable lusting after a new bike. Trek’s new Émonda is pretty much the bike on all of our minds this summer, and it should probably be yours too.

It’s super light — the top-end SLR frame is just 690 grams (about 1.5 pounds), and even the more affordable SL weighs in at barely over 1kg (around 2.2 pounds). This makes an amazing starting point for a really awesome bike build, which brings me to the next great thing about it…









You can choose from 11 different options for stock bikes with Émonda, with a huge range of prices and componentry across all three frame levels. No skimping there, either — if you get Shimano 105, it’s full 105. Brakes and cranks, too.

Why is all of this so awesome, though? “It’s so light. How can it possibly be safe?” is probably the question on your mind. The coolest thing about this bike, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to compromise on stiffness or durability to get that light weight. Émonda is an all-out race bike.


Like this, but fewer wheels and motors.

I’m just saying, you should probably consider taking a ride on one of these things. I know I’m going to as soon as it gets warm enough that our hot water pipes stop freezing.

unnamed (1)

Not pictured: me with a hairdryer.

Fingers crossed that it’ll be warm enough for shorts (and road bikes) soon.

I love shorts. (Also, bikes.)

PS – Emondas are $150 off through the end of the month. And all ’15 Trek bikes over $2500 are $300 off!






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