Fight Mid-Winter Burnout with Winter Essentials

When the temperature hovers below freezing for weeks on end, it can be tough to stay warm on two wheels. With the right gear, though, the weather can seem less daunting and biking can remain feasible – and fun! If the subway is draining your lifeforce, and you’re ready to get back on your bike to ride out the rest of the winter, make sure to have a few key pieces to stay warm and comfortable.

Habitat staff members share their favorite essentials for winter riding:

Arnold: Specialized Element Windstopper Balaclava


Protect your face and neck from cold winter winds! The windstopper outer layer offers wind protection, and the fleece liner keeps you warm and cozy.

Lydia: Showers Pass Crosspoint Softshell WP Glove


These gloves are the best in these below freezing temperatures. They keep my hands super warm and dry while having good dexterity and fit.

Jackson: Ortlieb Velocity Backpack


This pack fits comfortably on my back and distributes weight well. Even on the rainiest of days, my stuff stays dry.

Pam: Continental Touring Plus Tires


With puncture protection, enhanced side tread for better grip, and a reflective stripe for added visibility, this tire is a great choice for all-weather city riding.

Jim: Bontrager Race 7″ Wool Socks


Socks! Wool socks are awesome. These are a merino wool blend that’s comfortable and warm while still being thin enough to work well as a cycling sock. On the very coldest of days I might opt for something thicker, but these work for me down to about 15°.

What else do you ride with in the winter that you love?


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