All I want for Christmas is… accessories to dress up my bike.


From Karen’s wishlist:

I ride with style, but I still needs my gear to be functional. My must-have accessories this year are:


  • a handlebar-mounted cup holder:

Portland Design Works’ Bar-ista is great for for chilly winter commutes (or summery iced coffee mornings).


  • a cute bottle cage:

Portland Design Works’ Bird Cage: to stay hydrated… and put a bird on it!


  • ergonomic leather grips:

Another favorite from Portland Design Works is their Whiskey/Bourbon leather grips.


  • bike-themed t-shirts, because I wear my biker status with pride:

Endurance Conspiracy has unique designs for both men and women.


  • electrolyte chews:

For long days in the saddle, it’s good to have some treats in your feedbag (trust me, try the margarita flavor).

  • rydesafereflective stickers:

RydeSafe’s line of reflective decals comes in a variety of shapes and colors, for kids and grown-up kids.

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