Women’s Cycling Community in NYC

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Getting ready to ride!

Community: That’s what women’s cycling is all about. For women’s road cycling in NYC, the rides held by the Rapha Cycle Club are a great example of that community. The Rapha Women’s 100k on July 20, along with the training rides leading up to it, brought together female cyclists of all ability levels. A well run event combined with beautiful weather completed the experience.

The best part of the whole training experience was the friendships that were formed.  And the new community has stuck together, as evidenced Thursday night at the launch of the women’s cycling website Pretty Damned Fast.

image (2)

New friends and old.


Alex, Anna Maria, and Tayler

Pretty Damned Fast was created by three ladies (Alex, Anna Maria, and Tayler). They originally met on the Rapha rides, and after riding together and becoming friends, they joined forces to create a website to share and celebrate their cycling experience. The site features interviews with female racers, race reports, and style guides. They are on their way to creating a dynamic portrait of women’s cycling culture in NYC and beyond. The launch party was well attended by men and women alike. It also served as a pep rally for the upcoming ride hosted by Rapha, “Braver Than The Elements.”


Braver Than The Elements takes place on December 20 at 9am at the Rapha Cycle Club (64 Gansevoort St). Join Bicycle Habitat employees and meet other like-minded female cyclists as we venture out on our road bikes in the middle of December. There is a 65 mile route and a 50 mile route. If you have any questions or need help preparing for this ride, stop by any Bicycle Habitat location. We have women’s specific bikes, cold weather clothing, shoes, nutrition, and a full service repair shop.

Women’s cycling is here to stay, and we’re happy to be a part of it. Keep riding!


Karen’s happy about women’s cycling! (and cookies).


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