Bicycle Habitat Does Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving is an event like no other – it’s a charity event, a scavenger hunt, and a bike ride all rolled into one. Cyclists race to collect food for charity, either alone or on a team, by going to five or more grocery stores scattered across Manhattan. Cranksgiving has existed in New York since 1999, and it has steadily grown larger each year, spawning other Cranksgiving rides across the country.

This year, the Bicycle Habitat team decided to join the fun. We biked to the check-in area to register, planned our route, and got pumped.

A high point was meeting a bike-riding turkey.


Another high point, if we’re being honest, was taking a cookie break.


After the ride, Chrome hosted an after-party where riders were offered cold beer and a warm place to mingle with friends and strangers.

Cranksgiving was a great way to see more of the city by bike, work as a team, and do a little good in the process. We’ll definitely be at the next one, but with warmer clothes on. We hope you’ll ride with us next year!


About bicyclehabitat

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