Don’t let the weather get you down! Tips for riding in the rain and snow.

The wint’ry mix we were promised has arrived! Arm yourself with fenders and rain pants, and follow these tips for a safer, happier ride:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.35.44 AM

-Ride slow. Wet conditions and Thanksgiving traffic are a bad combination. Leave plenty of time for your commute.

-Avoid metal plates and manhole covers when possible. They get slippery in the rain!

-Give your fellow commuters, whether in cars, on bikes, or on foot, plenty of space. Assume that everyone will take longer to stop in the rain, and don’t follow too closely.

-Take it easy. Relax your grip and ease up on the bars (work those abs!). This will make your bike less twitchy when rolling over ice.

-Don’t forget your sunglasses. If you have glasses with multiple lenses, try the clear ones to keep rain out of your eyes. Or, to brighten up the gray, try the amber lenses.

-Once you arrive at your destination, give your bike some TLC. Put down some newspaper or cardboard to protect your floor, wipe down your frame, and run a dry rag over your chain. Once your drivetrain is dry, apply chain lube. Taking just five minutes to dry and re-lube your bike will help protect it from rust and keep it rolling smoothly.

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