Turn your bike into an exercise machine (and a moving movie theater!)

Can’t decide between watching a movie and taking a bike ride? Your winter solution: watch a movie while doing a trainer ride!

During our preseason trainer sale, our favorite CycleOps trainers are 10% off through November 2!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.29.23 PM

Bad TV is completely acceptable when consumed on an indoor trainer.

  • Without the outdoor advantage of tailwinds, coasting, and drafting, trainer rides can be a harder workout. An hour or two on the trainer is roughly equivalent to a 3-hour outdoor ride.
  • Indoor training is a great time to work on technique without worrying about traffic or other cyclists: use the time to practice shifting, clipping in and out, sprinting, and keeping a high cadence.
  • Trainers are cheaper and more convenient than going to the gym. You get to work out on your own time – and on your own bike!
  • Tip: try a training mat to dampen the sound for your downstairs neighbors, and be sure to drape a towel over your bars and top tube to catch sweat.

Scientifically speaking, “Ghostbusters” is the best movie to watch during a training ride. In addition to having the perfect run time (105 minutes = 10 minute warm-up, 75 minute ride, 20 minute cooldown), it has all the elements you need to build muscle and increase stamina: ’80s New York, Bill Murray, and a perfectly timed theme song montage. Just add an electrolyte drink, set your bike up in the trainer, and when someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes!

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