Commuter Profile: Jacki Huntington


I like the pace of biking. I like being able to experience and see all the little things around me. Even the insects on the pavement, the billboards – I feel like other people miss that. If you are in a car or a train your view is very limited.

Biking is just the right speed for me… human paced.


I biked as a kid, but I really started biking in college, which was the first time I started biking for transportation. It was really crowded with people, and on numerous occasions I would run into other cyclists. But you get better!

It’s just the speed. I feel like you can go as fast as you want. I mean I know it’s not as fast as a car, but you can go as fast as you want to your destination.

It depends on you – I like that it depends on you.


I sometimes have a lot of things to carry and people look at me like “clearly you should get a car with all the camera gear and books you are carrying.” I have a touring bike with a rear rack and saddle bags and I like seeing how much I can fit and bungee onto my bike.

It’s nice to have the rack and bungee cord – this is why I ride a touring bike. It’s also nice to have gears if you are carrying a lot or if you don’t know what the terrain is going to be like. I like being flexible.

I have rolled up to shoots where everything I needed to use was on my bike with me. Some people think I’m crazy, but I think its RAD.

It’s a point of pride for me to be like a mobile unit.


I really like to ride without hands. It’s a challenge! But I don’t ride without hands in Manhattan. I like having goofy bright handlebar tape – it’s just fun.

Oh! And a good pair of sunglasses.


My mom and brother cycle, but we all got into it separately. My brother got into triathlon and my mother got into mountain biking. We are all different kinds of cyclists.

I got into it for transportation and feel like I became my own cyclist.


I have made friendships based on biking. I feel like when you bike and care about it, you see it as a statement to everyone else who sees you on a bike. I’m a woman in high heels biking, being cycle chic, not feeling like I have to dress up like I’m working out to be on a bike.

You see other people doing that and think “yeah, I get that.”

Jacki Huntington is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. Her camera leads her into the private worlds of others: backstage to countless green rooms, through the Blue Ridge Mountains to an off-the-grid eco-village, into a taxidermist’s workshop, and through the rapidly urbanizing South. Brought up in North Carolina’s independent music scene, she plays guitar and sings in See Gulls and directs and shoots as many music videos as possible.

Interview and Photography by Eric LaCour

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1 Response to Commuter Profile: Jacki Huntington

  1. Dee says:

    how delightful to read this, it made me smile. i like riding my bike too, but it’s just for fun and not often enough so i never get really strong enough to go up hills. when everyone is out riding in the summer, you might see me too!

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