Commuter Profile: Heath Miller


I started biking for exercise and health reasons. I used to work out a lot, weightlifting mostly, and I realized that riding a bike actually loosens my muscles and keeps me more limber.

My Brooks seat gives the bike a little touch of authenticity. I also enjoy my mustache handlebars which were too low for me but you guys fixed that. Tanner at the Bicycle Habitat Chelsea location took care of me.


Riding in the morning is much more enjoyable than at night. I ride down the westside highway and it’s nice, much more cleansing. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to work; I feel like I’m out for the day. Especially riding by the river, you feel like you’re at the beach or right next to the ocean. It feels like a little mini vacation for 30 minutes on the way to the office.


I love boating. I live up on 104th and I break free from Riverside Park right above the 79th Street boat basin. It just opens up and it is just beautiful – the light is amazing, you can see and hear the boats rocking. I feel it has a great Montauk vibe, which I love. And on my commute back I can stop at the boat basin cafe and get a beer if I want.



My wife takes the subway and I find I am faster on this than she is on the subway. And it’s cheaper!


Heath Miller is founder and Brand Strategist for C H A L K 242, an experiential branding and creative firm in Chelsea, NYC. Heath has been making companies matter for over 17 years as Creative Director for brands like Express, Chicos, and Brooks Brothers before going out on his own. Heath lives on the Upper West Side with his wife, Sarah-Mai, and commutes to the office where he loves bringing some of the best brands to life across all mediums, every day.

Photography by Eric LaCour.

About bicyclehabitat

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