Charlie on the Lafayette Street Bike Lane Upgrades

Bicycle Habitat staff and customers turned out in force last night at Community Board 2’s (CB2) Transportation committee to support a remodeled Lafayette Street bike path. The upgraded lane will feature a parking-separated bike lane from Prince to 14th St, which will make it more accommodating for cyclists and easier for pedestrians crossing the street. As cars, bikes, and pedestrians are blended safer and more seamlessly, Lafayette will become more people friendly.


I’d like to thank all those who showed up. The world is run by those who show up. It was by far the friendliest bicycle-related CB2 meeting I have ever attended, and attendees — business owners and neighbors, pedestrians and cyclists — were overwhelmingly supportive of the upgraded lane. The committee resolved unanimously to support the street changes.

Lafayette is scheduled for repaving at the end of April (ouch for my business but hooray for our wheels) and the new lane structure may happen shortly after that. I spoke briefly at the meeting in support of the project and advocated for the inclusion of the portion of Lafayette between Prince and Spring (currently the planned improvements start at Prince Street). Our shop, which has been on the block for 36 years, generates over 60,000 cycling trips a year to and from the store, making it arguably one of the busier blocks on Lafayette. The addition of Citibike docks on Spring and also south of Houston have made it even busier in the last year. I also raised the question of when a south bound protected lane might be possible.

If you missed the meeting, you can take a look at the whole proposal on Streetsblog. All in all a good night for cycling.



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