Clip in for a better spin class

Want to get even more out of spin class? Try a pair of cycling shoes and clip in to your pedals!

Clipping in connects you directly to the bike, which means more power and a more thorough workout. Rather than feeling like you’re mashing down on the pedals, you’re able to feel the entire pedal stroke (and believe me, your legs will feel it the next day).


Look Delta: triangular red plastic cleats

If you opt to clip in, bikes at spin gyms typically accommodate one or both of these cleats:

Look Delta, which mount to flat-soled road shoes, and SPD, which mount to mountain shoes (the recessed cleat mounts make the later the more walkable option).


SPD: small metal cleats


It’s helpful to know which style of pedal your gym uses when buying shoes. If you spin at Equinox, Sol Cycle, Flywheel, Revolve, or Asphalt Green, the choice is yours! Those gyms use both. If you spin at New York Sports Club, Crunch, or the YMCA, go for an SPD shoe.


So why are they called clipless if you’re clipping in to your pedals? Back in the day, riders used metal toe clips and straps to attach themselves to their pedals for better power transfer. When cleats became the norm, cyclists cast off their toe clips, rendering the pedals clipless (and confusing everyone).

If you’re nervous about clipping in on your road bike, try it at the gym first! Spin class is a great opportunity to practice without the fear of tipping over at a stoplight.

Want to get a high intensity indoor workout on your own bike? Try one of Habitat’s indoor cycling classes.


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