Discovering cycling in Manhattan

Why we love Citi Bike: It not only makes cycling easier for so many of us; it also invites more people to discover the joys of cycling, such as this …

Why ride? Besides the exercise and challenge, in a dense space, cycling allows for interesting social interaction. As a pedestrian, I often don’t think of cars and trucks as having drivers; on the street, I know those vehicles have people in them—and hope they’re paying attention. To a surprising extent, they are. Cabdrivers have apologized for parking in the bike lane; car and truck drivers have waved me on to go ahead of them. One driver was about to get out of his car and help me shove my bike into a particularly tricky docking station until I got it in after a few tries. … Biking in Manhattan has turned out to be unexpectedly enjoyable.
Citi Bike and the City, Nicole Gelinas

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