Meet the 2014 Langster

langster 2014 - bl

2014 Langster (black)

We’re pretty smitten with the new 2014 Langster from Specialized.

Just recently arriving in our stores, the bike is both sleek and fast.

The Langster Street model is an a clean alloy frame and finish, with fixed or freewheel option. Plus, agile and modern bullhorn handlebars.

langster 2014 - rdwh

2014 Langster Pro

The higher level Langster and Langster Pro models include the fixed/free option, plus carbon fork and track drops for velodrome performance.

Basically, even if we’re not riding them … we just like to look at them.

Stop by our Soho store on Saturday (244 Lafayette Street) during Summer Streets for a sneak peek at the newer models, and to test ride what we have in stock.

It’s mesmerizing. You’ve been warned. See you Saturday.

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