Bike share

Change is hard, and anytime the neighborhood changes, people are disrupted and someone is bound to disagree with it.

That doesn’t mean that change isn’t GOOD.

We strongly support bike lanes and bike share in the city. Our Community Board is meeting tonight to explore the arrival of bike share stations in our SoHo neighborhood.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure we can attend. We have to set up a booth for this weekend’s Bike Expo, and our staff is busy helping you, our customers, as our stores are open until 8pm.

But we take to the blog to reassure our opinion is heard: Bikes are good. More people on bikes is good. Bike share is going to be good for the city.

One day in the not so distant future, we predict that more streets will be converted to bike and pedestrian-only lanes. A street like Broadway, or Park Avenue. And oh boy, it will generate Community Board meetings. It will mean disruption. It will mean change. And will be good.

After all, look how happy this guy is riding a bike:



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