Source Two, give one.

The power of the bicycle is real. It can increase an individual’s carrying capacity by five times, allow an individual to travel four times the distance of someone walking, and save valuable time and energy.

That’s why both of our major brand partners, Trek and Specialized, are devoted supporters of World Bicycle Relief.

As part of their support this year, Specialized Bicycles has partnered with World Bicycle Relief on a limited edition Source Two WBR bike. For every  purchased, a bicycle is donated to an individual via WBR.

WBR knows the roads. They don’t just donate any bicycle. Right now, they focus on the Buffalo Bicycle, a carefully-crafted, universally-fit steel bike built for big loads on tough roads (sometimes as much as 400 pounds of corn or melons or wood.)

Stop by and check out the Source Two.

PS Other ways you can get involved in WBR? Create a personal fundraiser, give a one-time donation, or join our World Bicycle Relief team. Or, contact Claire Geiger.


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