35 years and growing: Why I love spring.

As I left my house this morning, I saw the crocuses poking through the earth, and the birds in the trees. On the way home, I left our SoHo store to check in on the buildout for our new shop location that we’ll be opening in a just a few weeks.

In watching the store’s progress and the city’s weather, I flash back to 35 years ago and how hard Hal and I, our friends and relatives were working to prepare to open our first store on Lafayette Street.

Unlike this March, there were few harbingers of Spring except the sounds of a saw or a drill as we set up the store. Snow covered the ground, and Hal and I were two starry-eyed, newly-minted and very hopeful entrepreneurs.  The future was in front of us and I knew it was going to be an exciting ride.

Today marks my 35th year as owner of Bicycle Habitat. For most of those years, the hope and excitement I feel every Spring mirrored my hope and excitement for the store. Some of those times were fraught with anguish and fear that this would be my Habitat’s last spring … but the memories of those times never dim the excitement I feel every spring.

So many years later, my pulse still quickens at the thought of all that has been accomplished, not only for Bicycle Habitat but for cycling in NYC. If you could see the city (and Bicycle Habitat) as I see it in 35 years, you would know why I have an unexplained smile on my face. I hope you feel spring as I do with a light heart and a renewal filled with possibilities.

We have hundreds of miles of new bike lanes. We have a country finally considering cycling as a real solution to complicated world problems. We have a community that loves racing, commuting, mountain biking, touring, bike lanes – and even bike parking.

Could there ever be any stronger signs that spring and a new bike season is around the corner?

If you get a chance, drop me an email and tell me how you greet spring. I can always be reached at cmcbike@bicyclehabitat.com.

Charlie McCorkell
Owner and Founder, Bicycle Habitat

Charlie McCorkell

About bicyclehabitat

New York City's neighborhood bike store since 1978
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