In support of the local cycling community this holiday season

Yesterday we had the opportunity at Bicycle Habitat to attend Recycle a Bicycle’s 18th birthday party. The attendance at this year’s bash as compared with last year’s was significantly higher – an indicator of the progress happening for safer streets. It was a friendly group of New York City cyclists with honorees from the NYCDOT to the American League of Bicyclists. My favorite part of these events however are meeting the local folks doing interesting things for cycling in the city.

New York Bike Dance came out in full force. They are an all-female dance troupe on bicycles based in New York City – like the Solid Gold Dancers but on wheels. It was like attending a dancing tweed ride.

We Bike NYC, a group of ladies who host events and promote women’s empowerment through cycling were also in attendance. Recycle a Bicycle was selling their bicycle jewelry. Taliah Lampert of Bicycle Paintings also had some great items. And Steve Vaccaro, a bike lawyer at Rankin & Taylor came out even with injury.

In addition to supporting your local bike shop this holiday season (Did you see our holiday gift guide?), consider supporting the organizations and people who do their part to make NYC the diverse cycling city that it is.


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