Thank you.

Our hearts were warmed by the outpouring of friends and customers, in giving to the Rockaway community after Sandy ripped through last month.

You filled our store with goods. And each time we hauled out goods and down to Rockaway, you filled our store again with more goods. Car loads and truck loads and still more came in, about ten cargo vans worth of goods, or 1800 cubic feet in total. Your generosity was moving.

Tuesday afternoon, amid rampant gas shortages, dozens of dozens of you – over 40 cyclists in total – took time out of your work weeks to stock up your cargo bikes and haul goods down in a bike train to the Rockaways before the famous November nor’easter hit.

Pictures say it clearer than words…

Loading up: Bike train to the Rockaways

Truckloads and bikeloads: Dropping off more donations

Aaron Stewart-Ahn took the initiative to organize a crew of people into an fully operating donation effort.

I seriously don’t know how to thank everyone who donated and contributed to our ride. Every word seems to come up short.

The Rockaways have been for generations one of the most pleasant rides you could take your bicycle to in NYC. If you’ve never done it, please ask us how. And while I was hoping for just two cardboard boxes of canned food, so much came in, we needed cars, too.
As snow was falling last night in a howling wind, someone had gloves, a warm coat, a warm meal, and light, thanks to all you’ve done.
An enormous amount of thanks on my behalf to Charlie and all my coworkers at the shop. They did every bit as much as me, they just yelled less.

We are proud to know you all.

Special thanks to Babycakes NYC and 4 and 20 Blackbird for fresh baked goods, Brooklyn Larder and La Villa Pizza for supporting the riders’ meals, and Trek Bikes for the fantastic cargo bike to help our staff more of the goods. And to the friends who gave generously of their vehicles, gasoline and precious time to haul bulkier items and liquids we couldn’t carry by pedal-power: Kimberly Slovak, Kimberly Price, Henoch Getz, Alex Jacobsen, Rick Gallo.

You guys are awesome.

Donations were delivered to: Church of the Nazerene Far Rockaway, and the Red Hook Initiative.

Resources for more information about what you can do assist with future recovery efforts:

A few other stories from cyclists who assisted in our ride and others this month:

Be well. Be warm. Be thankful.

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