Evie Stevens and CRCA

Tomorrow, we host the annual CRCA women’s clinic, a women-only introductory workshop on racing.

This annual event is well thought-out, because the clinic has some strong heritage. In fact, if you have ever been interested in getting into bicycle racing, look no further than Evelyn (“Evie”) Stevens.

Evie, a New Yorker, used to work on Wall Street. Then, “on June 1st, 2008, I participated in my first women’s cycling clinic, which was put on in Central Park by the CRCA.” Only a few years later, she is a pro racer getting ready for her Olympic debut.

The strength of CRCA’s clinic is that it teaches you what you want and need to know, no matter your skill level.  If you are a woman and have interest in honing your skills, we hope you consider joining us for this event!

video: ESPN.com

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