Urgent: Please contact your Representative TODAY

The last things we need in this country are more sedentary adults, higher obesity rates in children and more reliance on oil as a transportation crutch.

Yet, tomorrow, Congress is voting on slashing funding for biking and walking.

Our country’s infrastructure needs to be designed around people. Cycling and alternative transit projects create more jobs, more profitably, and more vibrant and hospitable neighborhoods, than their highway (and more heavily lobbied) counterparts.

This vote will occur tomorrow in the House. Speak out today: Here is a link and pre-written letter – take one minute to fill it out and click through to send the message to your Representative.

As your constituent I am contacting you today to urge you to vote YES on the Petri amendment to preserve dedicated funding for biking and walking in the American Energy and Infrastructure Act that will appear before the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (T&I) this week.

> Click through to reply and send your message to Congress.
> Call your Representative directly. (You can read the email to them!)

Speak out. Encourage others to do the same: in-person, on Twitter, Facebook, email …


Charlie McCorkell
Owner, Bicycle Habitat


About bicyclehabitat

New York City's neighborhood bike store since 1978
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