Autumn on the Hudson – with El Rapido

Autumn View of the Palisades

Our staffer, Kevin, took this photo from his autumn commute and thought it’d be cool to share.

“My morning commute doesn’t get much better than this,” he says. “Down the Hudson River with this breathtaking autumn view of the Palisades across the water. While the view is stunning, I have to get even faster if I’m going to start riding in with my friend and co-worker, Chris. Or as I like to call him, El Rapido.

“He rides a basic road bike, but on a performance bike he could race with the pros. As I’ve acclimated to the ride, I’ve shaved about 10 minutes off my commute.  Today was just a warm-up to prepare me for El Rapido. Will I be able to keep pace with him on my touring bike? We shall see…

“It takes me a little over an hour to travel the fifteen miles my home in the Bronx to Bicycle Habitat, and I love every minute of it. No traffic jams, no crowded subways. While I push to compete with Chris, I certainly can’t complain about the view.”

Jealous. This picture is making us all want to sneak out for a ride on our lunch breaks.


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