Trek World 2012

Trek: Tour de France bikes

Trek: Tour de France bikes

We just returned from a trip to Trek Bicycle’s 2012 “Trek World” exhibit, introducing us to the newest 2012 line of bikes and gear.

We’re quite smitten with a few lines, including some product upgrades, new models and other discoveries. One major highlight: Their fitness bikes are 1 pound lighter  – a big difference!

A couple of us also took some of their mountain and road bikes out for a spin. We’re loving the new Lush mountain bike – a real development in their women-specific line. This thing is made for the trails.

But what’s most exciting: After viewing their 2012 collection, we pulled out several that really caught our attention and brought them back to NYC! Yep, Trek allowed us to take some of these new lines to our store for this weekend’s Summer Streets event. Fresh from the manufacturer, we are the only store in the U.S. to have access to some of these models.

Click through below to view a few other photos from Trek World. And swing by Saturday to see the new Earl, Superfly, 9th District and more.

Plus, study up on your trivia: We’ll be doing a few free giveaways of jackets and gear throughout the day.

Trek World 2012

Trek World 2012



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