April roundup: A proud month to be a cyclist

Just a quick post on community happenings this month.

First, congratulations to Mitch and team on the wildly successful bike parade along Prospect Park West (PPW).

(We were there, and City Bakery even brought down some delicious goodies to support the revelers!)

The bike lanes along PPW have been strangely controversial and what the neighborhood needed was a little more celebrating. Accordingly, the turnout was awesome: 750 people! If you haven’t seen it yet, this video from Streetfilms sums it up well:

We’ve also been thrilled by the goodwill back at our shop in Soho. 18 bikes were donated on April 2 at our bike trade-in event to benefit Recycle-A-Bicycle. Pasqualina was tickled. “This is such a huge gift to our students!” she exclaimed. We’re hoping to host another trade-in soon.

And last but not least, a final note of pride regarding guests and friends who came out for our bake sale earlier this month, to support aid relief for Japan. A small side project organized by our staff, we ended up raising $1016 to donate to Doctors Without Borders. ($508 in sales, which the store matched at the end of the day.) We are so honored by the outpouring from our staff and customers. Genuine thanks from a surprised crew.

A great community of people, you NYC cyclists.


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