Saturday only: Trade-in your bike and get $50 off!

If you’ve got an old bike, this weekend is the time to cash in: You have a bike. And Recycle-A-Bicycle wants it.

Think of it as spring cleaning, for a good cause. Remarks RAB head Pasqualina Azzarello, “Hundreds of metal materials are discarded each year, or lay unused in our apartments. We have a use for them – and this trade-in event provides a great opportunity for people to upgrade their bikes, and help a good cause at the same time.”

Recycle-A-Bicycle works with local youth to teach bike repair and maintenance, as well as encourage environmental stewardship such as upcycling and carbon-neutral transit options. With locations in the East Village and DUMBO, their program works on hundreds of bike every year – and raises up some skilled mechanics. In fact, many of our staff have come from the ranks of RAB.

That’s why, this Saturday, March 26, we’re hosting a bicycle trade-in event and inviting all New Yorkers to participate.

Bring in your old bike (bike parts such as forks and frames are also accepted) to our 250 Lafayette Street location in Soho.

Your new and used bikes and bike parts will be donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle, and we’ll provide you a voucher for a discount of $50 off any new bicycle at Bicycle Habitat. In case you’re not in the market for a new bike, the voucher is also good for 20% off any other accessory purchase.

The trade-in will go from 11am to 4pm.

For more info about Recycle-A-Bicycle or the trade-in, visit our website or call the store at (212) 431-3315.


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