Introducing: The Venge

Today Specialized introduced its newest bike on the market: The Venge.

Mark Cavendish on the new Venge

We’ve been looking forward to its release; this bike has definitely caught our attention.

The Venge is an impressive advance in bike engineering. Its lightweight, aerodynamic design offers real results: On the track, riders experienced an increase of more than .6mph of speed, for the same power output.

The Venge fills the need between the Tarmac (road performance) and Roubaix (endurance performance) as a competitive performance bicycle that optimizes power for climbing and sprinting. For pro cyclists and triathletes, those extra seconds and impressive weight differentials represent a monumental racing advantage. Join us in nerding out on the details over at

Introducing: The Venge (Specialized)

We expect to be getting the Venge in our store by May.


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