Support for cycling: A busy week for advocacy

At last week’s National Bike Summit, hundreds and hundreds of cycling industry members and advocates traveled to D.C. to support bicycling at the federal level. Our goal was to remind Congress of the benefits of cycling, and to continue paving the way for these benefits via:

  1. Continued support for the Transportation Enhancements (2% of the highway budget), which goes toward bike and pedestrian projects.
  2. Continued support for the Safe Routes to School Program.
  3. Continued support for funding off-road projects via gas tax paid by off-road vehicles. These funds go toward bike and hiking projects in Federal parks; they can be used in State park systems as well.

I stopped in the offices of U.S. House Representatives Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Charlie Rangel (D-NY), and met with their staff to assert why cycling should continue to receive funding. (I even rode in on my Soho S to get there.) For more details, check out the summary on Jen Benepe’s blog.

The point is, cycling is important to the U.S. But this message isn’t just being taken to the streets in D.C. While we were pounding the streets of our nation’s capitol, across New York cyclists were speaking out for cycling here at home:

1- A poignant piece about NYC bike lanes in the New York Daily News: “Whether you love or hate Mayor Bloomberg’s bike lanes, they should make you hopeful for the future of New York.”

PPW and Mayor Bloomberg | NY Daily News

2- Hundreds braved a chilly evening to adamantly voice their support for the Prospect Park bike lanes, at last week’s Community Board hearing in Brooklyn.

PPW Community Board hearing | Photo by Andrew Hinderaker (T.A.)

3- Hundreds more came out to petition the NYPD to ease its ticketing of cyclists in Central Park.

Hundreds ask NYPD to ease crackdown | Photo by Ken Coughlin (Streetsblog)

Keep speaking out, everyone. Slowly but surely, the times, they are a changin’.


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