Staying fit through the winter

This slushy weather inspired us to write a quick post about a new product we’re carrying.

In the colder months, cyclists looking to keep active usually take to trainers and rollers: small, indoor mechanisms placed on the floor and into which you mount your bike. Rollers are the simplest tools for indoor training (you basically roll in place), while trainers can get pretty intricate, imitating similar resistance and trailing experiences to real on-road bike rides like hills and stretches.

However, if you needed a home exercise bike and not just an equipment, this is an option we’ve not been able to offer in a strong price point – until now.Stationary Training Bicycle from CycleOps

CycleOps, which manufactures great trainers and rollers of all types, has introduced its new indoor cycle. This thing has some great features to accommodate the options serious cyclists and fitness fanatics:

The Indoor Cycle adjusts height and reach to duplicate the ride of your own bicycle, rather than just the motion. It also allows you to program your rides to precise resistance and freewheel (as well as automatically adjust without pausing.) And finally, its sturdy, stable steel construction eliminates noise concerns while also allowing for aggressive sprint and climb experiences.

Altogether, these cycles offer a nice custom, dynamic fit and ride you can’t get from a spin class nor a regular stationary bike. It’s truly a cycle for bike athletes.

Again, if you’re not in the market for a higher performance indoor cycle, there are a variety of indoor trainers appropriate for all prices and fitness routines.

To keep your fitness routine going, we also really like these DVDs from CycleOps to help keep you focused and offer new regimens for your winter goals.

And a little reminder: This weekend is our yoga and cycling workshop at YogaWorks. It is sold out, but we do have a wait list we’re monitoring if anyone falls through; we’ll also post more highlights here next week.

What do you do in the winter months to keep cycling?

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