Yoga and cyclists

Good performance in cycling involves strength, endurance and muscle care. That’s why we’ve partnered with YogaWorks in Soho to offer a workshop on “Yoga for Cyclists”.

Cyclists are concerned about back issues and core strength, and yoga offers some key postures that help on and off-road flexibility and body/mind balance. Imbalance can lead to injury – and poorer performance, on- and off-road. And of course, breathing matters. Learning proper breathing technique provides better stamina and higher-endurance for workouts.

Interested in learning more? Bike Yoga addresses the specific demands of cycling on the body; written by former NYC bike messenger who’s now a yoga instructor in Oregon. Also, Roadbikerider’s Yoga e-book offers 18 poses for cyclists, plus warm-ups and cool-downs – by cyclists, for cyclists.

The workshop is available to all friends of the store. To RSVP, here’s the link —
Register for Yoga and cycling workshop in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

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